Journal of Electrical, Control and Technological Research (JECTR) ISSN: 2756-6765 (Online), formally Journal of Electrical, Control and Telecommunication Research ISSN: 2735-9417 (Print), is a peer-reviewed, open access scientific research journal for engineers and scientists to share their latest breakthroughs in the fields of electrical engineering, control and instrumentation, as well as cutting-edge research in the theory and practice of technology design, development and applications. Priority is given to original research, scientific reviews and short communication notes in latest and promising technologies and methods comprising all aspects of (but not limited to): Applied Physics, Control and Instrumentation, Communications Engineering, Computer and Information Technology, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechatronics, Renewable and Sustainable Energy. Also, technology design, development and application derived from experimental data analysis; technology tools, techniques and empirical observations to understand, measure, or provide value, resulting in original and significant conclusions; and analysis and exploration of new technique and knowledge of technology, process design and performance improvement for sustainable development are welcomed. JECTR is steered by a distinguished board of institutional-based editors, being supported by reviewers made of prominent scholars from around the globe.